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Women in Business Luncheon~


Original Overview of Events





Girls Build Hello Future 2019 Summit at the Microsoft Theater

Annual Women in Business Luncheon, sponsored by Culver City Chamber's Women in Business Council

Vote for Change Team Retreat in the Multi-Purpose Room: website development and Voter Registration Week preparation and planning

Voter Registration Week


*Democrat and Republican Q&A: A bipartisan discussion of the importance of activism and civic engagement in the Multi-Purpose Room


*Annual CCHS Career Fair presented by the College & Career Center: Girls Build booth with voter pre-registration and registration supplies


*Being an Informed Voter presented by Culver City's Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells, plus student Q&A and voter pre-registration/registration booth


Being an Informed Voter by Mayor Meghan, Zoom edition

* cancelled due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions

Women in Business Luncheon

At our Women in Business Luncheon, our members were given the amazing opportunity to speak with successful businesswomen from a variety of backgrounds and careers. We had female business owners ranging from boutique owners, pharmacists, financial advisors, and engineers. All the women at the luncheon had their business located right here in Culver City and were members of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, which allowed our members to relate even closer with our speakers and create local connections. Members were given the opportunity to ask the panel of speakers questions regarding how they chose their career, challenges that they have faced, how they balance work and social life, and much more! After our discussion with the panel, members were given the opportunity to ask personal questions and obtain business cards and contact info from any of the speakers. Overall the Women in Business Luncheon was a one of a kind experience, for our members to learn first hand what it's like to create one's own success out in the real world.


Our 2020 Team Retreat

On January 23, our Girls Build team had a retreat. It started with a game of charades and continued with a breakfast chat time. After, an amazing breakfast we split into groups and started planning. We worked on completing our work and then went outside to play some Icebreaker games. We played new games some of us haven't even heard of, but that made it fun. Then, some groups went out to interview students about their knowledge of voting. After, interviews we all came back together and enjoyed lunch. We took pictures after lunch for our website and that was the last plan for the day.

Voter Registration Week +

Zoom with Mayor Meghan

Councilwoman Wells shares her experiences as a woman in local politics


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It was such an amazing opportunity to learn about informed votership from Meghan Sahli-Wells. During her career as Mayor and Councilwoman of Culver City, has made great improvements in our community. She talked to us about the importance of being an informed voter to represent ourselves and the impact we have on our own futures. We learned about the power of our vote on different levels to make decisions pertaining to our daily lives and why we need to get more people to vote. She taught us about pre-registering to vote and making voting easier for everyone to increase community involvement. It was great to hear about opportunities to represent our community through youth leadership positions in Culver City and contribute to meaningful policy on a local level. Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells’s presentation was illuminating and a great capstone to our club’s activities this year. Our Q&A gave us great insight into her life and her journey to becoming a community leader, as well as how to become an informed voter  More than anything, this meeting was a reminder of the value of our perspectives and of our responsibility to use our voices for good ─ especially as young women living in today’s world.

For more about the challenges we faced during this uncertain time and how we adjusted accordingly:

voter week

How to Register to Vote: A video presentation by Girls Build Culver City

Our team was devastated by the cancellation of our anticipated Voter Registration Week as a result of COVID related limitations. In response, our public relations committee jumped at the opportunity to provide a digital alternative, accessible to CCHS students and other members of our community. We created this short video for students and adults alike to reference if they are interested in registering or re-registering to vote in local, state, or federal elections. We shared this video and information about our 2020 campaign to the Culver City Facebook Page (which has 10,787 members!), the College and Career Center Instagram (1,029 followers), and our own campaign Instagram page (444 followers).  This was an exciting way to engage with our city and serve community members as well as CCHS students. 


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Video vote


The events that our GBLA team organized had several successful outcomes in our community. At our Women in Business Lunch And Learn, we were able to experience “a day in the life” of many different women in the workforce. This allowed girls at our school to come together and feel empowered to take interest in career paths that maybe they wouldn’t have thought of. We also planned a retreat for the members of GBLA at our school to allow us to come together and share. This allowed our team to bond and get closer. We also organized an event with Mayor Meghan to discuss the importance of voting in our community. Mayor Meghan explained how people should vote because it is our future and it directly affects our lives. She also encouraged us as young people to share our voices and to care about our community. All of these events helped to educate people on the importance of voting and have inspired many as well to contribute to the community.

Reflection & Final Budget

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