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Your Choice, Your Voice, Your Vote


This year the CCHS Girls Build Team decided to take a different direction for our project, in comparison to the “Adulting Campaign” that we had successfully operated in previous years. Along with this transition came some challenges as well as surprises, being that the majority of our team last year were seniors that had graduated, leaving us with few remaining members.

I think one thing that our team found surprising was our ability to attract new members to our club, and creating one of the largest teams that CCHS Girls Build has ever had.  Another surprising factor was the leadership positions that our remaining members stepped up to, and their commitment to the team and developing new ways to communicate with students at our school and promote voter registration. Some things that our club would have done differently, given the opportunity to do so would be to hold a voter registration week in both the fall and the spring since our spring voter registration week was canceled due to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19. Throughout this year, the CCHS Girls Build team was able to successfully carry out our campaign, despite COVID cancellations and the unfortunate circumstances that we are currently living in.

Special thanks to our community partners:

LA County Registrar

Culver City Chamber of Commerce

Culver City Council + City Hall

Final Budget

Impact Report

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