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Engagement + Obstacles

As a result of the pandemic, our Girls Build Team had to cancel many of the planned events. However, we did not stop working on our goal, which was to inform our community about voting and the importance of voting. Due to the circumstances, we decided to move some of our events online, to continue informing our community about the importance of voting and civic engagement. Using applications such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Zoom, we are able to expand our audience to people beyond the walls of Culver City High School. With these applications, our Girls Build team is able to engage with members of the community, and continue to inform people about voting. With the help of Zoom, former mayor and council member, Meghan Sahli-Wells, had the ability to engage with and inform individuals about voting, her position in power, the impact that individual votes have on the nation, etc. The setbacks caused by COVID-19 have not limited our Girls Build Team, instead, they have enabled us to expand our audience and help others express their right to vote.

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