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Your Choice, Your Voice, Your Vote

Project Need

What's the Problem?

The Culver City Girls Build Team realized that not enough people, specifically high school students, were informed about the importance of voting. Since the next presidential election was underway, we wanted to make sure people were aware of their impact as an American citizen. Not only did we stress the need to vote in national elections, but emphasized how important local elections were to create real change in our community. We quickly realized that the lack of interest came from poor voter education.



The impact area we focused on was Civic Engagement & Leadership. In order for people in our community to be civically engaged, they need to be educated. It’s so easy for people to believe they can’t make a difference because of what they’ve heard from others. Our goal was to educate people so they can take the next step to be leaders in their communities.

Campaign Impact Area

Evaluating Project Need

Team members Caitlin Weeth and Jalisa Jaramillo went around campus to interview students about voter registration. We used their answers and feedback to help us develop our campaign

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