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Our Process + Team Planning

The Recruitment Process

In Girls Build, we recruit students at the beginning of the year at Culver City High School's annual Club Fair. Any girls who are interested in joining the team come to a lunchtime orientation, where upperclassmen and GBLA veterans share past campaigns and their experiences as Girls Build members. From there, girls sign up for peer-interviews with the club officers and fill out a short application. Every team member is expected to attend weekly Girls Build meetings as well as dedicating personal time to long term projects.

Monday Lunch Meetings

Girls Build Culver City meets every week on Monday during lunch at the College and Career Center to collaborate on events, design flyers and posters, research ways to involve ourselves in local community actions, and promote school actions. Despite having to overcome challenges with scheduling and organizing with other clubs we were still able to put together and participate in many incredible events.

Our event planning for our Vote for Change campaign happens mostly at our meetings, where we brainstorm ideas for events using a whiteboard mind-map or on a shared document.

Our Events + Campaign

Due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding COVID-19 gathering restrictions, our planned week of voter registration and civic engagement events were canceled by the school. But, our team was able to adjust to school cancellations and continue our campaign virtually.

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